It’s no secret that video marketing is snowballing as an effective advertising forum. To put it bluntly, videos help increase leads and sales and boost a business’s bottom line.

Explainer videos are an area of video marketing that has become a buzzword within the digital spectrum. An explainer video is a short video clip that essentially introduces, explains and advertises a company, and its products and services. These short videos are snappy, concise and promotional, and are typically 2 – 3 minutes in length. In fact, explainer videos have been hailed as being the “most effective marketing tool online today.”

We take a look at three irresistible reasons why your business needs an explainer video.

Raise your business’s professional image and credibility

Any business can have a website, but the more professional a website looks the more credibility it will bring to a company. Having an explainer video on your website will help raise the professionalism of the site. This effective marketing tool that’s both eye-catching and snappy will talk volumes, telling customers and potential customers visiting your site that your business is not only in the ‘digital know-how’ but is professional and diligent.

As well as drawing attention to your products and services in a fun and engaging way, an explainer video will prove to clients and customers that you are willing to invest time and effort into your brand, which will ultimately enhance its professional reputation and credibility.

Boost conversion rates

A survey conducted by Video Rascal, shows 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product when they have seen an accompanying explainer video. As Wideo writes, “Explainer videos have had a history of helping to increase conversion rates.” This is due principally to the fact that these short, snappy videos make it easy for customers to learn about your brand, what it does and what it sells. A visitor can easily navigate away from your site to a competitor’s site if they fail to find what they are looking for quickly, and an explainer video helps them find out about a brand quickly and simply, from one convenient location.

This can, in turn, boost conversion rates, as your short explainer video conveniently explains about your products and services in one place and even tells them how to make payment for the products. Before you know it, visitors are clicking on the purchase button via a simple explainer video.

A cost-effective way to improve SEO and build brand awareness

One lesser known but still irresistible benefit of explainer videos is that they help sites rank better on the search engines. Google, for example, rewards sites that are exciting and don’t merely comprise of endless pages of monotonous text and images. By contrast, websites that have plenty going on in terms of content, and actively grab visitors’ attention, tend to rank better on the search engines. And we all know the saying, “websites that don’t rank on the first page of Google might as well not exist!”

In short, explainer videos are a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes and industries to grow their company and build brand awareness.

If you are curious about having an explainer video embedded into your website and would like to discuss the project further, get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Disruptor Media. We provide bespoke marketing solutions to brands of all niches and sizes. If you want to increase your business’s professionality and online presence, while increasing conversion rates, it might be time to jump on the explainer video bandwagon – without one you could be missing out on a whole host of leads and sales.