Want to up your content game and take part in discussions around sustainability? We’ve rounded up a list of important sustainability-related awareness days for your content calendar. More and more businesses want to kickstart their sustainable marketing endeavors and if that’s you, this content calendar will be right up your street.


Veganuary spans the whole of January, making it a great eco-friendly marketing event for your content calendar, as there’s plenty of time to stretch out any campaigns that align with this. Whether you set a workplace challenge and share your results, share delicious vegan recipes or collaborate with a vegan influencer to educate your audience, there are lots of ways to kickstart any sustainable marketing campaigns during this time.

Great British Spring Clean

Keep Britain Tidy is an environmental charity and is also the organisation behind the Great British Spring Clean, which takes place between March and April. Centered around keeping our surroundings tidy and litter-free. A popular trend in this period is to highlight local #LitterHeroes, showing how simple actions can make all the difference. Want to get involved? People often join litter picking groups on Facebook or do it off their own backs.

Earth Day

Held on the 22nd of April every year, Earth Day is one of the most popular awareness days for your sustainable marketing content calendar, meaning it’s a great chance to boost engagement. Be wary though, as Earth Day is renowned for coaxing Greenwashing out of the woodwork, so just be sure that you are taking part in a genuine way. Keep an eye out for wholly unsustainable brands attempting to make their mark.

World Oceans Day

Oceans are a huge part of biodiversity – you only need to watch David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ to know that! World Ocean Day takes place annually on the 8th June. Its purpose is to prompt people into thinking about the impact on not just our direct environment, but our oceans too. These impacts may not always be visible to us, but that’s not to say that marine life and local communities don’t suffer because of it. From sea life ingesting microplastics to coral reefs dying and oil spills causing mass pollution, there is plenty to discuss when it comes to our oceans.

Plastic Free July

The debate around plastic is hotly debated, with many arguing that non-plastic alternatives can be just as damaging, if not worse for the environment. Having said this, reducing plastic consumption where possible is always a positive thing. As an example, microplastics can work their way into our ecosystems and cause catastrophic damage. However you want to tackle Plastic Free July, there is plenty of room for discussion and engagement.

World Car Free Day

Passenger cars alone made up 52% of emissions in 2020 and as we all know, cars churn out pollutants that contribute massively to global warming. Taking place on the 22nd of September annually, World Car Free Day is a chance to turn traffic-filled commuting on its head and opt for public transport or walking where possible. Something as simple as documenting your commute with a TikTok or Reel could be a great shout to encourage others to take part.

Recycle Week

This is another great one for your sustainable marketing content calendar. Recycle Week takes place every September and offers up the opportunity for companies to take part in discussions around waste reduction. From upcycling inspiration to promoting recycling or repair schemes, there are plenty of angles that can help you get creative with your content. Something to bear in mind is that while recycling is great, reducing what we consume in the first place is top of the waste hierarchy so demonstrating awareness of this is always helpful.

Sustainability content around Christmas time

Christmas is a notoriously wasteful time of year, so anything you can do to spread sustainability messages is greatly needed. Throughout December, you can make the most of sharing anything from low-waste present wrapping tips to sustainable gifts, depending on how you want to align your content with your business. It’s a chance for you to get creative with eco-friendly marketing content that stands out for the rest of the Christmas clutter.

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