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Ethical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable marketing is just as important to consumers as it is to businesses, with more than one-in-five shoppers actively choosing to buy from brands which are transparent about their social and environmental impact, and businesses increasingly measured on their sustainable strategies in the eyes of stakeholders, legislators and customers.

At Disruptor Media, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable marketing agency with a proven track record of developing and delivering authentic, hard-hitting, sustainable strategies for the likes of the United Nations, Bright Green Plastics and Yorwaste, to name a few, that not only give our clients the competitive edge, but actually make a difference.

Sustainable Strategies

Everybody wants to ‘be sustainable’ in this day-and-age, however virtue signalling can be just as damaging as unethical practices. We work closely with our clients to understand and lead on their sustainable values and develop cutting edge campaigns that demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they’re prepared to act. The Sustainable Business Goals campaign we shaped for the UN went on to reach 2.1 million influencers in the sustainability space, with suite of powerful educational videos that made people stop, think, share and even change.

What’s more, we work with our clients to ensure their internal teams live and breathe the business’s sustainable values with creative internal comms and training.

Powerful PR

Public relations comes into its own with ethical and sustainable marketing. Whether it’s educating the masses, highlighting an issue or putting pressure on decision makers, the media is a powerful tool which will add fuel to a campaign.

The Plastic-subsidy reform PR results we delivered for Bright Green Plastics not only raised awareness of a critical recycling issue, but compelled MPs to raise the topic in UK parliament.

Creative That Resonates

We create digital cut-through with videos, graphics and campaigns that tap into the public’s social conscience, motivating them to get on-board and spread the message. The BIG Upcycle campaign we developed for environmentally-friendly North Yorkshire waste management firm, Yorwaste, was conceived during lockdown and delivered through a smart digital strategy, to encourage the public to upcycle, not ditch, their waste – with the most superior efforts being auctioned for NHS charities.


From identifying and corresponding with MPs to creating a stir with parliamentary petitions

Through quick-witted, integrated comms tactics, we have the tenacity to make our brands’ voices heard and even ruffle some feathers when necessary.

Third Party And Influencer Engagement

We believe in strength-in-numbers, which often comes down to collaborating with industry influencers and comrades, from harnessing the voice of high-profile insiders, like the politicians and celebrities we engaged for the United Nations, to colluding with competitors and likeminded organisations.

Our client, Austin Hayes captured the desired attention of the MOD with an initiative that saw the specialist coating firm join forces with the Defence General Munitions Packaging team to transform 250 tonnes of surplus wood packaging materials into office furniture. This not only kept perfectly good materials out of landfill, but altered company culture and forged a long-term, sustainable partnership.

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