It’s time to take a moment and reflect on the power of PR services and the impressive PR stunts that have captured our attention and made a lasting impact.

In this blog post, we’ll share our top picks for the best PR campaigns over the last few years, highlighting their creativity, controversy, and impeccable timing. Whether you’re a PR professional looking for inspiration or simply curious about the power of effective PR, these examples will surely leave you impressed.

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media

Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Release Campaign

Netflix’s PR campaign for the release of Stranger Things Season 4 was nothing short of extraordinary. From out-of-home ads to experiential activations and global landmarks lit up in Upside Down colors, the campaign generated massive anticipation and engagement. The result? Stranger Things broke streaming records, proving the immense impact of a well-executed PR stunt.

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media


The French fashion house, executed a brilliantly captivating stunt that garnered significant attention across various media platforms. The brand promoted its Le Grand Bambino handbag by orchestrating a cleverly disruptive PR strategy reminiscent of traditional tactics.

This involved sending enormous, vibrant bags cruising through the streets of Paris, ultimately making their way to the Opéra Garnier. However, it was later revealed that the captivating footage was actually generated using AI and 3D renderings, effectively fooling viewers during Paris Fashion Week. The video swiftly went viral and received extensive coverage from esteemed outlets such as Pop Sugar, PAPER, Hypebeast, Grazia, and many others.

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media

Iceland’s “/OutHorse_<Your_Email>” Campaign

Iceland’s tourism board caught everyone’s attention with their “out-horse your email” campaign. By teaching horses to walk on a massive functional keyboard, they allowed visitors to choose a horse that would respond to their work emails while enjoying the beauty of Iceland. This unique and captivating campaign effectively conveyed the message of taking time off and satisfying wanderlust.

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media

Dove’s #TheSelfieTalk PR Campaign

Dove’s #TheSelfieTalk campaign aimed to promote body positivity and self-esteem among young women. By encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty and discourage the excessive use of selfie filters, Dove successfully challenged the negative impact of social media on self-esteem. The campaign was promoted through various channels, including social media, OOH posters, TV spots, and a dedicated webpage. Click here to watch full video. 

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media

Greenpeace’s “Plastic is Back” Campaign

Greenpeace’s “Plastic is Back” campaign focused on raising environmental awareness. The campaign featured a vintage online store showcasing plastic packages that had been floating in the ocean for over 50 years. This powerful message highlighted the long-lasting impact of plastic pollution and successfully garnered attention and engagement.

6 Successful PR Stunts and Why They Have Worked Disruptor Media

Asics “Before & After” PR Campaign

Asics took a unique approach to Mental Health Day with their “Before & After” campaign. Instead of emphasising dramatic physical transformations, the campaign highlighted the mental benefits of exercise and the positive impact it has on mood. By shifting the narrative, Asics successfully connected with their audience and conveyed a powerful message.


We have witnessed some remarkable PR stunts that have captivated audiences and achieved their desired objectives. These PR services exemplify the power of a great idea, eye-catching creativity, and strategic timing.

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