Recycle week – What is it:

Recycle Week is held by ‘Recycle Now’ and is their flagship annual event. The event is a celebration of recycling across the nation. Recycle week marks the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments and the media come together to achieve one goal – to encourage the public into recycling more of the right things and doing so more frequently.

The theme for 2022 is “Let’s Get Real”. Recycle Week is predicted to be a huge event on this year’s calendar, following the success of last year’s campaign, the most successful yet, grossing over 29 million digital impressions, 82% of people claiming to have changed their behaviour as a result of viewing Recycle Week 2021 content.

Recycle Week 2022 runs from 17th-23rd October with the theme of challenging perceptions and myths around recycling and targeting contamination to improve recycling behaviours. Last year nearly 3000 individuals or partners talked about #RecycleWeek and the cause expects to see another big buzz around this year’s campaign.

Why it’s important:

In today’s community, sustainability is becoming increasingly important and paramount for the growth of this industry. It is important to find ways that work for you to make room for a more sustainable and conscience environment in order to care for our planet and combat damage to our environment.

Recycling plays a huge part in the sustainability movement by reducing the need for extracting materials that are not sustainable and damaging the environment through mining, quarrying and logging and refining and processing the raw materials sourced in these processes. The refining process creates a copious amount of air and water pollution. Recycling combats this by saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This action significantly helps to tackle climate change and care for our planet because we only have one.

Taking Action:

In honour of Recycle week (17th-23rd October 2022) we have looked into ways you can make your office more digitally sustainable.

3 ways you can make your office more digitally sustainable:

  1. Cloud Technology – Using cloud tech improves your energy efficiency by moving your software to the cloud, eliminating your reliance on physical products and decreasing your energy usage. It also supports running a paperless system.
  2. Sustainable Hosting – Sustainable/Green web hosting works by using renewable energy credits to offset the energy used by your website, making your website carbon-neutral or even carbon negative. For example, Krystal Hosting plants a tree for each hosting. This is greatly important as not only does it help eliminate your carbon emissions, but it also combats deforestation and increases oxygen, stores carbon, stabilises soil and gives provides for wildlife.
  3. Paperless – Going paperless means eliminating printing/notebooks and exclusively working in digital formats to eliminate our paper wastage. E.g. making notes using google docs/word emailing documents rather than printing them out to give to someone etc.

What we are doing at Disruptor Media:

If you need any more inspiration this Recycle Week to start making changes, here are 10 things we are doing to ramp up our efforts as a sustainable digital agency.

10 more things you can do to be more sustainable:

  1. Go Paperless
  2. Recycle – We recycle any litter we have so that it can be reused and turned into something else rather than going into a landfill.
  3. Reusable kitchenware – Eliminating plastic cups/cutlery that is single-use and implementing reusable forms.
  4. Energy-saving lightbulbs – Energy-saving lightbulbs lower carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg a year.
  5. Smart plugs – Smart plugs check and turn off the lights/appliances that may have been left on and were drawing power when you’re not home, saving energy.
  6. Smart Meter – Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you’re using via a remote connection to your energy supplier. They help you visualise your energy usage and support you to reduce your energy consumption.
  7.  Utilise a sustainable hosting provider
  8. Invest Cloud Technology
  9. No single-use plastics – Our staff are encouraged to not use single-use plastics and rather use reusable water bottles, and Tupperware and avoid the purchase of non-recyclable packaging.
  10. Transport – Encourage staff to look into other options for getting to and from the office, whether that’s EV cars to buses.

Disruptor Media is a sustainable digital marketing agency. Or, if you would rather, a spirited team of digital activists fuelled by a common goal; to put the planet first. We work hard to help sustainable and challenger brands with powerful and responsible digital marketing.

Get in touch with us to assist with your digital marketing needs and do it with sustainability as its core value.
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