Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of LinkedIn as the ‘professional’s social network’. You may even have a business profile set up, but are you getting the most from the platform? Are you generating valuable leads?

There are countless ways that businesses can benefit from networking on LinkedIn, including:

· Easily connecting with like-minded professionals and key players in your industry.

· Tapping into whole new client bases through new connections made through existing contacts.

· Discussing and learning more about industry trends and best practice development.

· Recruitment – as well as networking, LinkedIn is also renowned as one of the best places to headhunt the best talent and advertise vacancies.

· And of course, Generating new leads by starting direct conversations with potential customers and clients. According to stats published by Hootsuite, around 49% of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn is arguably best for B2B businesses, putting vendors, third party resources, suppliers, executives and manufacturers in touch with each other. It’s like a phone directory for the services and resources you need, as well as a direct way to market to your ideal client base.

However, it can still be useful for B2C businesses. One of the major bonuses about using LinkedIn is that it can significantly raise your profile. Post regularly and be authoritative in your professional field and you’ll soon get a reputation for credibility and expertise. This can really put you on the map when it comes to making valuable new connections. LinkedIn even interviewed members and came back with many findings that B2C businesses will find very encouraging. Notably, that 86% are extremely loyal brand advocates and that members are twice as likely to trust information on LinkedIn than any other social networks.

Three new tactics to generate leads

Just having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough to really reap the benefits on offer with this potentially lucrative professional community. Try these simple tactics to start getting the most from your LinkedIn experience, and generate some valuable leads:

1. Start and join conversations.

Be active and join discussions, demonstrating your own knowledge and expertise. Post your own opinions and advice too, and always reply to comments. People will remember your helpfulness and the value you offer in these contributions, and it also marks you out as a credible expert in your field, which helps to put you on their list if they are seeking providers of your service.

2. Be proactive in growing your network.

Don’t just sit back and wait for the connections to come to you. Go out and find them, ensuring that they are relevant to your field. You can also join LinkedIn groups to find professionals interested in your field, providing lots of opportunities for networking, discussion and lead generation.

3. Remember that your employees can be a valuable resource.

By encouraging your employees to connect with your business LinkedIn page, you can make use of them as brand advocates. They are your experts and the most enthusiastic supporters you have, so encourage them to be active on the platform. This move can also grow your network considerably, as you can tap into all of your employee’s connections, and promote your products and services to potential clients.

For more advice on making the most of the social platforms for your business, or to talk about lead generation, contact our specialist team of bespoke digital marketing experts here at Disruptor Media.