Collating data for lead generation is time-consuming and can be a potential data minefield for brands, especially if they lack the technical know-how of how to process the data efficiently and lack the awareness of the data privacy obligations that accompany it. However, with professional guidance, you can optimise lead generation and find safe passage through the data mine field.

Expert website designers and lead generators, Disruptor Media, examine how ignoring data permissions can lead you into a data minefield.

Avoiding the data minefield

It is imperative to comply with data privacy legislation, as failure to do so can lead to catastrophic publicity for any business. Therefore, to make sure your business complies, it is advisable to seek the services of digital marketing specialists to avoid upsetting your customers. Even social media colossus – Facebook, has fallen into disfavour with some of its users in the past. An article in Marketing Week – states the that the social media giant was to be sued for not acquiring the necessary data sharing permissions and allegedly shared private message data with marketers. The report further states how consumer faith in sharing personal information with businesses – such as supermarkets and financial organisations – leaves a lot to be desired. The figures suggest that most consumers would be unwilling to share information with most business sectors. Fairing the worst is the energy sector, with only 26 percent of consumers willing to share their personal data with their energy supplier.

The term ‘data minefield’ can also allude to an overload of data generated leads and the lack of expertise to channel the data effectively.

So, how do you generate the best leads for your business? Let’s examine four of the strongest methods:

Call to action

Any digital marketing campaign is only as strong as the website’s call to action or ‘CTA’. The success of any business relies on revenue and profit and the CTA is fundamental to delivering this. It is essential to make the CTA persuasive and as engaging as possible. Be creative – after all, your objective is to create customer desire and lead them to a course of action that benefits your brand.

It is recommended to post CTAs in as many ‘appropriate’ locations on your website as possible. By doing this, you are optimising the potential for lead generation.

Double your leads via a well-designed landing page

Your landing page is your website’s hand-shake. Essentially, you are greeting visitors to your website, so it is essential to make it as inviting and appealing as possible. The design of the landing page is central to maximising lead generation. Some compelling statistics show that by optimising your landing page you can more than double your conversion -the average landing page conversion rate is approximately 2.35%, however, the leading 25% of businesses convert at 5.31%.

Less is more when it comes to designing your landing page. It must always be engaging and informative, yet It is imperative to keep the information on you landing page concise. Too much clutter can be distracting to visitors. It is always good to include visual media but be careful not to make it overwhelming. You want to get your visitor to the CTA as quickly as possible so remember to “keep it simple”.

Add testimonials for greater brand impact

Testimonials provide a powerful impact for the promotion of your brand. If you can accompany the comment with a photo of the happy customer, then it will help to provide an even greater impression of your brand.

Use ‘action’ words

Always use words that will create a sense of urgency. Remember, you want the visitor to take action and by using verbs such as – get, save, buy, order – you are compelling the visitor to do so. Action words will condition the visitor to believe they are able to receive ‘something special’.

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