From the perspective of outside observers in particular – including the potential customers that you most wish to attract – there can be few more fundamental aspects of your business than its branding. Your company’s brand is how it defines itself to the world, so if you feel that it no longer reflects what your organisation stands for, you may understandably consider a rebrand.

There are right and wrong reasons to rebrand

Rebranding is a serious, time-consuming and expensive endeavour, disrupting how the world sees your business – so you should make sure that your rebrand is for the right reasons. Good reasons to rebrand include a desire to mark a break from the past if your company reputation has suffered damage, your company name being too similar to a competitor’s, or your company having changed considerably since your brand was originally formulated – for example, in terms of the products and services that it offers.

By comparison, simple boredom with your existing company logo, the rebranding of one of your rivals or difficulty getting your present branding to look good on your latest company vehicles are all poor reasons to launch a rebrand. However, there’s no question of the broad range of benefits that the right rebrand – initiated for the right reasons – can bring to your company, from the chance to better connect with audiences, right through to introducing a more ‘current’ look that reflects the most recent changes in your industry.

We have helped a wide range of firms with their rebranding

As you might expect given our credentials as master strategists, we are seasoned creators of the strongest and most coherent brands here at Disruptor Media – brands that customers immediately identify, remember and associate with a company’s highest values.

One of the many organisations that we have helped to rebrand is Active Letting, which approached us with a vision for its brand already in mind, including where it wished to be positioned within the market. The company desired a brand design that conveyed its easy going yet authoritative ethos, and sure enough, the results have left it better-placed to compete with any rival.

Another assignment saw us deliver a suitably modern brand for a business with a 50-year heritage, Page & Smith Opticians. While the client understandably did not wish to imperil its standing with its established loyal customers, it did wish to expand its demographic with a strong appeal to new customers.

If this was a seemingly stiff brief to meet, we were nonetheless successful in doing precisely that, with Page & Smith reporting a significant rise in new customers following the creation of its new website and offline rebranding geared towards a cleaner, more contemporary look across its logo, advertising and shop signage.

What should be your other rebranding considerations?

As aforementioned, a company rebrand is not a modest undertaking, and you will need to give careful consideration to a wide range of factors to ensure yours is a success. Before your rebranding project even begins in earnest, you should re-evaluate the market that you are presently in, as well as any other markets that you wish to enter – what has changed since your company’s last brand launch?

A similar re-evaluation process should be applied to the products and services that your company supplies and how it operates in general – the latter especially relevant if you intend to introduce a change in company culture to accompany your visual rebrand. You may have high aspirations for your ‘new’ company, but could certain ‘old habits’ compromise the messages that you convey with your rebrand?

Remember that a company rebrand isn’t just a philosophical matter – it’s also a practical and budgetary one. Once your new or refreshed brand is finalised, including its new logo, tone of written communications, company colours and more, you will need to be happy with it. It will, after all, need to be perpetuated across your full range of business and marketing communications, including your website, business cards, letterheads, invoices, signatures and more.

Rebrand for lasting success with Disruptor Media

Rebranding is also often a more complicated matter that you may initially presume. Just think of all of the thought that needs to go into the creation of the right logo, for instance. What are the finest elements of your present company logo that you may wish to retain? What can be changed about your logo to communicate a forward-thinking, 21st-century company, and which parts of your logo are timelessly relevant and shouldn’t be altered?

For the complete tailored and informed company rebranding service that carefully considers your own business’s branding priorities from the outset, contact the friendly and professional Disruptor Media team today.