Anyone can create a twitter account or “do” Instagram for a business, service or product. However, it takes a creative and innovative thinker to conjure up unique, inspiring campaigns that can slice through the hive of activity that is the bombardment of millions of messages that are live and in full force on the web.

Sometimes, creativity does not come naturally. You’re having a bad day. You’re tired. If you’re an industry leader that is in a creative rut, all hope is not lost. It is something that can be easily combatted in just a few steps. After all, you need to be on your top creative form to be engaging and get the attention from your target audience.

The more you are proactive in getting those creative juices flowing, the more your business will grow.

Here are five top tips to get you started:

Build the right environment

Every single person can be creative, even if you don’t know it yet. You merely need the right atmosphere, incentive and support.

The first goal is to create an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed with room for wacky, unique ideas to be vocalised without judgement.

Business executives that harness creativity need to nurture a harmless space where unusual, curious and extraordinary ideas are celebrated and where creativity is encouraged.

Top tips for producing a creative environment are turning off your emails, taking a walk around the office or group spaces with room for ideas to flow. If you’re feeling really adventurous, take the team away from the office and do something fun and exciting to get the creative juices flowing.

Put pen to paper

Starting is usually the most difficult part, but once you’re over that hurdle, you’ll not only have some degree of acceleration, you’ll start to be inspired.

In a digital age, the basics of putting physical pen to paper begins to get lost, but there is a reason why it arose.

Although doodling was frowned upon in school, it’s time to bring it back. Some believe doodling can reflect a lack of concentration, however, it can actually aid in keeping you engaged and present in an activity you may have found mundane.

Sunni Brown, founder of the creative consultancy Sunni Brown Inc, advocates drawing as it enhances “applied visual thinking”. Specifically referring to doodling, which is especially relevant to industry leaders in creating business plans or online content, as it gets “the neurons to fire and expands the mind”.

Finding inspiration 

At this point you should be ready to start finding inspiration.

A good way to understand what might work well and how to get people interested in what you have to say, is by finding innovative ideas from what has previously worked well.

This should not be mistaken for copying, but instead, looking through competitors work and previous work is an excellent way for you to see how people engage with content.

Find three or four businesses/websites/ social media feeds that you feel inspired by and write down a few idea’s as to why you like them or why you think they are successful.

Engage with opinions

Once you are in the right headspace, take the time to listen to the opinions and voices that really matter, including your industry leaders and customers.

Listening to feedback should not be a creativity blocker, but instead utilise what is said. Take notes of what consumers have to say about your past work and look at how you can improve and flourish.

As well as this, take the time to believe in yourself, so that you can conquer your own challenges that are forming a wall against your creativity. If you are able to be confident in your own ideas, you will be prepared for the extra challenges requiring further creativity.

Mind mapping / Spider diagrams

Now that you have all the inspiration you can gage, it is important to collate ideas in a way that doesn’t heed your creativity.

Spider diagrams have been proven to expand idea’s and innovation.

With a business plan as an example, place your initial idea in the middle of the page and think of at least five different ways you can execute the original idea. This way you have an abundance of options that have the potential to be unstoppable.

Social media and digital marketing, at its basic principle, satisfies the creative person’s desire to share in an accessible and rewarding way. As most practitioners will tell you, social media and content requires a consistent supply of creative ideas for content, products, channels and distribution.

It is, therefore, fundamental to harness and amplify this creativity through social media and digital marketing in order to reflect the product or service in an authentic and positive light.

If you are looking to take your marketing efforts to new heights, we can help you achieve your marketing goals and ambitions. We use both an online and offline approach to raise awareness of your brand, your products and services. Get in touch with Disruptor Media today for bespoke marketing solutions.