Without knowledge of an engine, you wouldn’t attempt to fix your car instead of taking it to a mechanic. You wouldn’t decide to cut your own hair rather than visiting the hairdresser. The same can be said about marketing – unless you’re experienced and have knowledge of the intricacies of marketing, not to mention the time to tackle incredibly time-consuming marketing tasks, you’d be better off calling upon the professionals.

If you’re deliberating whether to use a marketing agency or to keep marketing efforts in-house, we explore five ultimate reasons to use a marketing agency instead of devising an in-house approach.

Benefit from in-depth marketing expertise

One of the biggest objections to using a marketing agency is that companies can simply get existing in-house staff to be involved with marketing themselves. Unless you pay an experienced and knowledgeable team of marketers to join your company in-house or take the time, effort and money to train existing staff, relying on the efforts of members of staff employed for other responsibilities to take on marketing campaigns, often results in a business not getting the most out of marketing.

By contrast, marketing agencies comprise of teams of professional and experienced marketers, each with in-depth experience of a particular marketing niche, which can focus on your specific marketing requirements and objectives.

For example, if you require an effective social media marketing campaign to be executed, a marketing agency will be home to experienced social media professionals, who will be able to utilise social media for your company to the optimum.

SEO expertise

The somewhat antiquated digital expression that if: “A website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, it may as well not exist,” still applies, more than ever, in fact. A myriad of stats back up the prevailing importance of good SEO for businesses. 50% of consumers who carry out local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day, is one SEO statistic companies can’t afford to ignore. As is, 87% of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day.

Our point? Many marketing agencies have specialist knowledge of SEO, how to generate quality SEO, how to track and analyse SEO results and, most importantly, how to retain high rankings on the search engines.

Employing a marketing agency to manage SEO campaigns for your business can be one of the biggest and most lucrative marketing ROIs a company can benefit from. An experienced digital agency will implement an effective SEO campaign, incorporating elements such as relevant and researched keywords, responsive web design and social media marketing, designed to boost a company’s SEO and digital presence.

A cost-effective way to benefit from innovative marketing tools

“But we don’t have a budget for an expensive marketing agency,” you might cry!

Recruiting an agency might be less costly than you think, as typically you’ll pay a lump sum or an ongoing monthly rate and benefit from a whole host of marketing tools and talents.

Marketing agencies endeavour to stay up-to-date and remain competitive by utilising the latest in digital marketing tools. When you employ an agency to manage your marketing campaigns, you’ll

benefit from the innovative products they use as part of their campaigns, without the headache of learning how to use the tools yourself and having to pay for them yourself!

In-house staff can concentrate on what they do best

It’s not uncommon for businesses to try and get round employing external marketing help by handing marketing responsibilities to existing members of staff.

This can, however, prove decidedly costly, as dumping marketing burdens on staff employed for other duties, such as sales or admin, can result in a reduction of productivity levels and lower morale amongst staff.

Taking on an agency to manage marketing requirements means existing, in-house staff can get on with what they do best, which ultimately helps benefit the business as a whole.

Exploit the gains of an outside perspective

“We know our businesses best of all, why would we want a bunch of strangers getting involved?” a company may ask. True, you might know your business better than anyone else, but hiring outside assistance through a marketing agency can be beneficial to a company, as it enables a new perspective and a “fresh pair of eyes” to analyse a business’s marketing strategies and come up with new, creative ideas.

More often than not, it’s the collaborative marketing efforts of in-house members of staff and a marketing agency that garner the best results.

If we have convinced you to find a quality, professional and friendly marketing agency to take care of marketing campaigns instead of burdening existing members of staff with such chores, get in touch with Disruptor Media.