Influencer marketing simply involves identifying individuals with a popular online presence who would be of interest to the particular demographic targeted by your products or services. By supplying them with said product or service, the influencer can then extol the virtues of your brand to an attentive audience.

Here are five reasons why influencer marketing is the right marketing strategy for your brand.

Affordable and Effective Marketing

Creating effective marketing strategies can be time consuming and expensive but using popular influencers to promote products and services can generate much more clicks and conversions than other more generic forms of advertising. By using web tracking tools to monitor engagement rates, gauging the influence of influencers is also quick and easy, enabling you to adjust and adapt your marketing strategy as more information becomes available.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Influencer marketing can have a positive effect on your company’s search engine results thanks to the amount of user generated social media posts that account for search engine results. The more mentions your brand has via these social media platforms, the more relevant the brand will be perceived by the search engine algorithms.

Connect with the Consumer

A well-reported statistic of the digital age is that 92% of people trust personal recommendations from people they know when it comes to their choice of product or service. This statistic was discovered by Nielson, the information and data measurement company, who also reported that consumer opinions posted online – often considered a promotional holy grail by many businesses – were trusted by a significantly lower 70% of those surveyed.

The reason for the average consumer’s relatively massive leap of faith from online reviews to personal recommendations is that the latter are a more directly relatable form of advertising. A personal endorsement simply feels more authentic than anonymous reviews, billboard slogans or TV spot commercials.

What is especially interesting is that personal recommendations are similarly powerful coming from an influencer as from friends and family. A celebrity paid to recite lines in a scripted advert is one thing, but a popular somebody using their own personal social media account to endorse a product comes across as much more organic and relatable to people, and thus a lot more effective as a marketing strategy.

Reach Your Targeted Demographic

Your business can directly target customers that are far more likely to be interested in your products or services than other forms of advertising. There is a reason why the Instagram accounts of professional athletes are populated with multiple posts of the athlete posing with an energy drink, protein shake or the latest sportswear fashion item.

It is because the people following the accounts of those athletes are exactly the kind of people those sports-related brands want to get their message across to. Influencer marketing is simply the most efficient form of advertising in existence today.

Bypass the Ad Block Problem

In the UK, it has been estimated that 41% of internet users have some sort of ad blocking software installed on their device, utterly defeating the entire point of a traditional online advertising campaign. Even without ad blocking software, users can be exposed to hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of adverts per day. This flood of information creates a lower recall of the promotional message. Using an influencer circumvents this problem easily and enables your marketing message to be highly visible and memorable at all times.

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