The world of content marketing is consistently changing; so it’s important to stay on top of trends to help you get ahead of the competition. Here we’ve identified 4 content marketing trends in 2023 that could give you the edge.

Snackable short-form videos in search

In 2022, snackable short-form videos took centre stage as content consumers demanded more compact and easier to digest media, and thanks to TikTok we have seen a huge upwards trend of short bitesize videos. Once it became clear just how successful this style of video was, other social sites followed suit such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, in the hope to capture some of this audience.

Last year,  Cisco announced that online videos made up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, and 2023 shows no signs of slowing down.

Some of the reasons why short-form content is so successful:

  • Content is easily digested by all users.
  • Easy to access for mobile users which are most social media users.
  • This content is easier to create for content creators.

In fact, TikTok is being used as a search engine by Gen-Z and younger users now more than ever before.

Do you own a restaurant or are you a sustainable retail product?  You need to consider Tik Tok and not just for content. Young people are turning to Tik Tok to find the answers and are treating it as a Search Engine, preferring it to Google.

With Tik Tok gathering pace, underpinned by a powerful algorithm, users of all ages are using it to find personalised content. The end result is more appealing than a faceless website.

Metaverse marketing

Another huge content marketing trend in 2023 is Metaverse marketing. As of right now most of us may be confused about what this is, but to put it simply, the Metaverse is a 3D digital world where people interact with each other on multiple platforms – simple right?… Bloomberg analysts have predicted that the metaverse market will be worth nearly $800 billion by 2024, which shows the attraction that the Metaverse has for brands to reach consumers.

Companies are beginning to explore the innovative world of Metaverse marketing in order to tap into a younger, digital-driven audience. This growing trend offers immense potential for companies who want to reach Gen Z and beyond with ease. This is one that could take a few years to completely take off, but don’t be surprised to see more companies beginning to shift over to the Metaverse in 2023.

AI content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is something that has been around for years, but recently its presence is becoming increasingly more commonly used by digital marketing agencies and marketers in general. We believe in 2023 we will see AI used even more throughout marketing with content creation. From small teams to big ones, artificial intelligence can give your workload and productivity a major boost! AI content is the key to getting things done faster – freeing up time for other tasks.

Incredibly, ChatGPT passed a Google interview for a level three engineering position. The salary of this job despite being considering an entry-level job is £183,000. Google are now launching an AI chatbot, named Bard. Bard is built on Google’s existing large language model Lamda, wand it was described as “being so human-like in its responses that he believed it was sentient”.

Social eCommerce

1995 marked the beginning of a transformational period for shopping, with the advent of eCommerce. Fast-forward to today and hardly anyone can say they haven’t experienced online retail in one way or another. One study from Morgan Stanley, stated that the eCommerce market could increase from $3.3 trillion today to $5.4 trillion in 2026 – so as little as three years!

Over the last few years, we have seen Facebook marketplace, Instagram shopping and most recently the TikTok shop, all becoming an option for purchasing which shows the power these channels have and the importance of retaining users.

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